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Why us

The benefits of getting your insurance from Carrick Neill

Golf insurance to suit the needs of today’s golfer.

We understand you

We believe that golf as a sport / pastime should be enjoyed to the full without worrying about what could go wrong. We are here to help protect your financial wellbeing should you be unfortunate enough to be involved in a claim situation.

Working together with the golf unions over the past 2 decades has allowed us unparalleled insight and understanding into the needs of today’s golfers.

We listen to you

The Golfers Policy provides complete, well-rounded and comprehensive cover which has been re-designed to suit you. Each policy can be more specifically tailored to you & your family’s needs for a competitive premium. The new cover includes some extras as standard.

We have been listening to our customers and have now created a new way of providing insurance based on what YOU felt was important.

We protect you

As well as providing the insurance cover you require, we aspired to team up with a highly respected insurer, who would give our customers the protection, comfort and service they deserve. Hiscox is an A/A* rated, secure insurer with award-winning claims handling based on fairness and common sense.

*23 September 2015 (Hiscox)

We serve you

Carrick Neill service promise: we put our customers at the forefront of everything we do. This is achieved through our knowledgeable and friendly people who have a “can do” attitude.

Carrick Neill has delegated authority from Hiscox to deal with and settle claims. You will therefore only have to talk to us throughout the lifetime of your policy.

In most cases, claims settlement is agreed within 5 working days with fast, no nonsense, and efficient claims service delivered by our own, in-house colleagues.

Injury and high value damage claims may be handled by Hiscox Insurance, because more complex claims require more specific legal expertise and advice.

Market leading product

We believe that the Golfers Policy is superior with its market leading cover. Why? Because we do certain things better than some of our competitors.

  • Worldwide cover as standard for the full duration of the policy
  • Non-negligent** third party liability, worldwide as standard
  • “New for Old” equipment cover for the lifetime of the equipment
  • No single article limit
  • No need to specify golf equipment items
  • Cover for equipment in a vehicle (locked and alarmed) even if not hidden in the boot
  • Involuntary Redundancy cover
  • Cover for Spectacles
  • No upper age limit
  • Delegated authority claims handling and settlement
  • Fast & friendly claims service
  • No contribution clause*** (therefore your other insurances are not affected)
  • Less onerous claim and policy conditions

For more information, please see the Key Facts

**This means that your claims will be processed without your liability having to be proven by the claimant.

***This means that the Golfers Policy will be considered the more specific policy and therefore your other insurances (e.g. household) will not have to contribute should a claim arise even if the same event is covered by them too. This will ensure that the other policies are not involved and therefore your claims experience is not affected.

Need to claim?

Our insurance gives you peace of mind at every stage, including in the unfortunate event of making a claim.

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