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For full details, please refer to the Policy Wording or call us on 0131 625 9135

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Home Insurance policies vary significantly based on supplier (insurer) and the level of cover chosen. Whilst there might be cover available for certain parts, most of the time there will be a high excess and/or single article limits applicable. Also, your no claims discount would be affected which may result in an increase in premium next year. There are policies that exclude sports equipment altogether or ask you to specify every item to provide cover. Usually, household policies have numerous restrictions and exclusions regarding theft and property damage claims. Please check your policy wording.
There are certain sections of the policy where an excess is applicable. This is normally £25; however each policy is different, therefore please check your policy schedule for exact details. Find out more about making a claim.
The Golfers Policy provides worldwide cover as standard. So whether you’re on holiday or playing at home, don’t worry, you’re covered. We’ll even cover the cost of hiring replacement equipment if your own is lost, stolen or damaged.
No. Generally, you do not have to provide a list of all your equipment at inception or renewal. We will however ask you for these details if you need to make a claim for the loss / damage of your equipment.
This policy covers your golf clubs on a ‘new for old’ basis. If it can be economically repaired, then we will pay for the repair costs.
We never recommend that you leave your equipment unattended in the open, however we appreciate that it is sometimes unavoidable. So, yes, cover will be provided. Generally speaking you have to take reasonable care of your own equipment though and only leave them unattended for a short time.
Yes. Cover is provided so long as all security measures on the vehicle are in force.
Yes. You can take out a policy just for yourself or a combined policy for you and your family members who normally reside with you. You do not have to name every person; all we need is a single total of all equipment combined and the number of people insured under the policy.
Yes. This section also includes Road Traffic Act liability cover while driving within the confines of a golf course. You can also insure additional named drivers.
Where a serial number is not available, the buggy must be able to be identified by a specific and identifiable alphabetical and/or numerical code of at least six letters and/or digits. You can decide what this code is and ensure that it is permanently marked on the buggy.
No. This policy does not provide cover if the buggy is used for hire or reward.
Yes. However liability covers cannot be provided under this policy. For further information please contact us on 0131 625 9135; or talk to the PGA regarding liability queries.
Yes. If you decide within the first 14 days of taking out this policy that this policy does not meet your requirements, you may cancel by writing to us and, provided that no claim has been made, receive a full refund of your premium. For full cancellation details, please see the Policy Wording.
You have two options: you can either pay by debit / credit card or sign up for annual Direct Debit. That way, unless you wish to make a change to your policy, you can just forget about it and cover will continue year on year.

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